THE HENDRIX TRIO is a Southern/Country Gospel TRIO based out of Texarkana, TX. Formed in 1992, The group travels as "weekend warriors" in an RV mostly in the four states area.


Over the last 27 years, they have had the privilege to ‘open for’ & host many National recording artist such as THE HOPPERS; GOLD CITY; THE BOWLING FAMILY; THE NELONS; JEFF & SHERRI  EASTER; GREATER VISION; KAREN PECK & NEW RIVER; THE STAMPS QUARTET; RUSS TAFF; THE ISAACS; CHRIS GOLDEN, & many others.  The group not only travel & sings, but they also promote gospel music on a local & national level, in the Texarkana Area. Since their founding in 1992, Hendrix Trio has released 11 recordings, with the latest debut, “Tell It Like It Was," released in 2019. The trio has hosted 8 successful Gospel Music Cruises, & are the founding family behind RDH PROMOTIONS.

The Hendrix Trio

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