Learning to Speak Life

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

It was bright outside, but only a little light peered through my windows as my phone shook me out of a deep sleep. This was a Friday morning & any other Friday I would already be up & out the door headed to work, but this particular Friday morning was one of the days I was scheduled to be off in anticipation of our drive to San Antonio, Texas.

“Are you awake baby girl?” The voice on the other end of the phone was my dad, so gentle & sweet he had called to make sure his adult daughter had made it up in time to pack & leave by the appointed time he & my mom had set the night before.

Daddy has always been so gentle when he’s waking me up or helping with honey do’s, but mom can always be counted upon to shake you out of a deep slumber to the point of no return. “I figure if I gotta be up, everyone else should be too.” She proclaims in response to my grumblings that she doesn’t know what the word quiet means!!

We head out about 10am leaving Texarkana after filling up the big Ol’ RV tank. It’s going to be a long drive & my thoughts drift to the message Sis. Melissa Griffin, our music minister, preached Wednesday night. “Speak Life.” Those words rang true in my thoughts & my heart. The last few weeks have been rough. Life can just seem so overwhelming sometimes & although I try not to let it happen I tend to live in my head more than I should. That is my battle ground. The enemy loves to attack me when I’m exhausted, frustrated, lonely & feeling insecure. I pray for God’s strength this weekend. I know that I am called to deliver His gospel & it’s what I love to do, but I also know that this month in particular I have been struggling.

How do I encourage others when I need the encouraging? My mind wanders back to the message spoken through Sis. Melissa, but straight from the Lord to my heart... Speak Life.

The journey takes us all day & we finally make it into the R.V. Park about 9pm. This is mom & dads bedtime - normally it would be mine too except that I had caught up on rest during the drive & needed time to get sleepy again. I take IzzyBella outside for her nightly duties (my long-haired chihuahua) & again my mind wanders... “Lord, you know Your people. I don’t know what they may be going through, but you do. Please help someone this weekend . Use us, use me Lord, because I can’t do this alone.“ I drift off to sleep asking the Lord for his help & pray that he can use an empty vessel.

The next morning the birds begin to chirp & sing as I hear my dad plug up the percolator. I listen as the coffee brews & my mom begins to stir ... what was that about being quiet again? I finally drag myself up around 7:15 & sit down to spend some time in God’s Word before washing my hair in preparation for the concert this afternoon.

I am reading through the Bible, something I can’t say that I’ve ever done before (even admitting that to myself I feel the shame wash over my face). It’s true though - I’ve ready many books several times, but never the whole Bible. Today's reading is Mark chapter 15 & of course my daily Psalms & Proverbs.

As I begin to read & try to get those pesky little blurry bubbles worked out of my tired eyes, I imagine Jesus on the cross.

My precious Savior, how could they do such awful things to someone so innocent? Why? “Because I loved you enough...” It hit me like a ton of bricks. Morning devotions are not always revelational, but it’s a daily deposit into a savings account. When you need it you can draw from it!

At 1 pm the S.T.G.M.A. Begins. What a privilege it is to sing & feel the encouragement from the other groups lift us up. However, the thoughts roll in the back of my mind. “Speak Life.”

We have 4 short songs to try & pull the anointing, to try & lift up hearts & save souls... we need to Speak Life!! I'm so thankful for the presence of the Lord I felt today & for His help. He continues to amaze me. We may not know if you or someone around you is struggling, but He does!! The best thing we can do is pray, try to encourage you through songs of our Lord, &...Speak Life.

May God bless & keep you all until next time,

Ranessa H.

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