Rhonda’s ramblings

Thursday night; Hendrix Trio received tickets for our concert coming up Friday-June 21 with Tribute Quartet; The McNeil’s and is. It’s really exciting to see “fruition” for all the hard work put into a project. I worked feverishly trying to get them sorted and to Baptist book store ; since they were already 3 days late!! They got’em now tho!!

broBobby was asked to fill in with Tracy Thrasher and sing at the community park Saturday. “Rain; rain; rain” wanted to come and we kept feeling a drop here and there but got through to dry ground their it all! They even asked Hendrix Teio to sing a couple of songs! Alot of talent was there. We were honored.

After we left Fouke; we drove tin Crossett and spent the night at ”the Majesty Center” Warren Finney allows us to use the RV plug. Halleluyer...

So we loaded up Sunday and drove to Beech Creek homecoming in the church that was built in 1848. Very nostalgic. We love it. Dean Hill and his fine family allows the community to come together for dinner on the ground and homecoming. Our little friends Allie and Weston(pictures below) loves our microphones and Allie graciously sang “twinkle, twinkle”

one more time, we are Blessed..until next time! Rhonda

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