Sunshine, Swimming... & A Billy Goat?

A couple of weekends ago, my nana (Momma Kathy as we affectionately call her) invited me to spend the weekend with her in honor of my 26th birthday. Of course I was excited because not only were we going to relax & do nothing, but we were also going to take advantage of the fact that my Aunt's family were going on vacation & we were going to have their swimming pool all to ourselves!

The weekend was a 'success' if you can call napping, swimming, & soaking in the sunshine a success. However, Sunday morning was my last chance to get a soak in the pool before heading back home & to reality. So, nana & I head over to the pool & on the little trail we notice one of Aunt Renee's billy goats had gotten her head stuck in on of the many square holes in the fence...All we could hear as we drove up was "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh..."

Needless to say I was tickled, but at the same time nervous because I've never really been much of a country girl & I was not sure how nana & I alone were going to free this poor creature from it's own stupidity. After changing into our swimsuits I tried to twist the goat's head so that her horns would fit back through the narrow square (still not sure how she got her head through it in the first place). Well, she wasn't co-operating & I wasn't brave enough to force her. Nana then insisted that I go ahead & get in the pool while she feeds the rest of the goat herd & she would then free the trapped goat. Well I stick around for a minute or two & as nana pours the feed into the metal troughs all of the other goats run over to fight over their lunch as this poor goat stuck in the fence begins to realize she isn't getting fed with her head stuck & starts to holler... "BAAAAAAAAHAAHAHAHAAaaaaaaaa." LOL

By this point I have worked up a good sweat in the lovely 99 degree weather so I head to the pool. Not even 5 minutes later I hear Nana hollering, "NESSA....Nessa!" I jump out of the water soaking wet & afraid nana has hurt herself! Quite the opposite as nana is inside the fence with a very large shovel in one-hand & trying to pull the goat's body through the fence. I hope your seeing this in your minds eye because it was hilarious...

Nana explains to me that she can't pull the animal through the fence without someone feeding her horns through first. So, I promptly bend down & start to twist the goat's head, but Nana is a little too eager & starts pulling her body before I can get the horns through the wires...Poor, poor billy. I quickly tell nana to first push then PULL, but I also am afraid of twisting her head to far & breaking her neck! Nana snaps back with, "Well it serves her right for getting her head stuck in the first place!"

In a quick motion I get one horn through, but nana pulls too quickly & the second horn is stuck Billy goes "BBBBaaaaaaaaggfghh." Again, nana pushes her neck back through enough for me to twist one final time & all in one quick motion nana pulls this goat through the fence & all I hear is "Bah..." & she goes flying backwards! Dazed & confused the goat wanders off trying to comprehend what just happened I suppose.

Needless to say we enjoyed the swimming pool much more after that unexpected workout...LOL

Ranessa H.


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